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Live Art Workshops: Drawing Workshop - Get Inked!

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This workshop will have you playing with black ink and drawing. Drawing is the original art and language of man and continues to allow us to communicate what we see and feel. A drawing can be formal and refined or expressive and energetic; it can capture our thoughts with doodling, marks, lines or shaded areas expressing our external world and our individual thoughts. Would you like to make your drawing less tight and formal? By staying in the moment and letting go of preconceived ideas you will make artworks that give the impression of easy spontaneity. You will be asked to put aside concerns about performance and concentrate on your creativity. Watch your imagination come to life through drawing, and painting with ink using wet in wet techniques and wet in dry techniques. Using some mindful drawing techniques Lizzie will take you through a series of activities to awaken your right brain creativity and loosen up your drawing.

1 bottle of BLACK QUINK INK – available at Oficeworks.
1 watercolour paper pad (A3 size)
1 watercolour mop brush
1 small synthetic round brush (No. 6 round)
1 each black and white felt tip or fine tip Posca pens.(from Officeworks)
1 A4 size sketch book
Water container/rags
Masking tape

The workshop price excludes materials, please contact us if you have trouble sourcing materials.

Date: TBA    

Location: Montville Studio

Address: 184 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560


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Workshop Artist: Lizzie Connor

I am a professional artist and tutor with approximately 30 years’ experience as both. Originally from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, I have lived in many places around Australia and I now live at Mudjimba Beach, on the Sunshine Coast. I have won many awards in South East Queensland, and to date have held approximately 24 solo exhibitions and a number of joint exhibitions.

My art tutoring has taken me to many places including the Greek Islands, Norfolk Island and a regular annual week of drawing and painting in Fiji, as well as working and completing residencies interstate. My works are created from the natural world and particularly the ocean and beach environment where I have spent all my life, and I have spent many years creating methods that now have become instinct. Different trends come and go, and I hope my work will stand the test of time and remain as relevant to its source as the day it was created and I hope the work evokes some wonderful emotions for the people viewing it.