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Explore and fire your passion for drawing by creating create your own toolkit of materials and develop the art of observation. Materials provided for this workshop will be graphite, charcoal, pastels, ink, various A3 and A4 papers and an A4 journal. You will learn how to enhance your own working artist journal that reflects your experiments and knowledge into drawing techniques. Techniques such as rubbings, mark making, working into negative spaces, depth and shadows and transferring images are just some of the ways to develop ways of working….By using your surrounding environment as inspiration you will find an endless source of material.

 width=   Drawing Workshop - Pens and Pencils March 16th 2024
  16 Mar 2024  Montville Studio
 width=   Drawing Workshop - Portraits Ink and Coffee Sunday April 7th 2024
  07 Apr 2024  Art Workshops Montville Studio
 width=   Drawing Workshop - Mindful Art Journaling April 21st 2024
  21 Apr 2024  Art Workshops Montville Studio
 width=   Drawing Workshop Portraits Ink and Coffee May 5th 2024
  05 May 2024  Art Workshops Studio

Step into our relaxed environment, let your worries fade away, and immerse yourself in the calming process of drawing. Our workshops are designed to cater to all skill levels, and beginners are especially welcome. You'll feel supported and encouraged as you explore your creativity and find joy in creating beautiful artwork.

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3 weeks ago

I had a wonderful time at artworkshop doing my pots!! Lots to learn! Thank you!!!!...

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a month ago

I DId the class with my son, was fun and supportive. Will definitely go back for another lesson...

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a month ago

The wheel throwing course was fantastic. Will definately be back! I cant wait to learn more! Thanks Janene. Tanya. 😁...

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a month ago

Had a great time , have a crack it’s heaps of fun !!!😊...

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