Art Workshops Group

The beginning threads of Art Workshops Group has been a creative passion to combine quality art workshops and courses and provide an opportunity for students, art educators and artists, to access inspiration and skills in a variety of media areas. It’s about beginning on a journey into learning about art. Art Workshops endeavours to offer the art student, practising artist or art educator a workshop that will enhance skills, improve practice already learnt and develop possible career paths. Many lifelong journeys begin with one small step....... with the knowledge and confidence that your journey will not be without challenges, you will succeed by being able to plot your individual course.

Our Art Workshops website 2016 has been an inspiration that has taken a few years to EVOLVE…..from LIVE WORKSHOPS that gave participants opportunities to explore exciting techniques, skills and gain self – confidence, through to becoming ONLINE WORKSHOPS that are keeping what our workshoppers love with even more access to those techniques and skills in an explosion of medias and working videos that can deliver to our audience 24/7.

Our goal is to approach Visual Art and all media with inspirational, motivational, engaging and demystifying ways to enable the participant to be challenged but not overwhelmed with possibilities for their own pathways through art.

We want to provide WORKSHOPS and COURSES that can be simply set up and viewed in the comfort of your own workspace or out being mobile while you’re on holidays or travelling or just need some time out from day to day commitments.

It’s a chance to have YOUR TIME and value the CREATIVE in us all. Whether you have ten minutes or a whole day to yourself, the ONLINE learning environment makes each workshop a valuable tool to explore, experiment, create and play to your heart’s content.