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Live Art Workshops: Printmaking Workshop

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Printmaking has been the interest of artists for many centuries. It can be unlike any marks painted or drawn. The spontaneity of mono printing can allow for an element of freedom and surprise unlike any other media. Other techniques such as relief and intaglio can also be combined with more contemporary explorations into digital printing to show how flexible and creative this media can be.Tools are easy to manipulate and can be used with simple methods but with exciting and versatile results. You will learn basic methods and be recommended tools and types of paper as well as materials and equipment necessary for each method while highlighting safe and responsible workplace practices.

 width=  Printmaking Workshop – Printing Without a Press July 10th
  10 Jul 2022  Montville Studio
 width=  Printmaking Workshop – Printing Without a Press August 7th
  07 Aug 2022  Montville Studio
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