Ceramics - Neriage Japanese Pottery Techniques August 17th 2024

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Neriage Techniques

Neriage is a decorative technique in pottery where patterned clay made from mixing and layering different colored or shaded clays is used to form pottery through shaping and firing. The term neriage is derived from the Japanese words "ne-ru" meaning "to knead" and "a-geru" meaning "to raise up" and is pronounced as "Ne-Ri-Ah-Gey". (sounds similar to the Japanese food karaage.)

Neriage is typically used for forming pottery on a potter's wheel. You will be amazed at the stunning wheel thrown pieces achieved with these beautiful techniques. Create swirls and patterns to enhance your 3 pieces you will throw as well as one Nerikomi hand made bowl.

Neriage is a labor-intensive process that requires patience and effort. To achieve the desired colors and patterns, the clay must be carefully mixed, and the surface must be sanded with sandpaper to reveal the pattern clearly, resulting in a highly detailed and intricate piece.

This workshop will take your wheel throwing to another level to inspire you on your journey into ceramics.

Beginners on the Pottery Wheel Workshop an advantage but not essential

Bisque firing and glazing is included in this workshop.

Date: 17 Aug 2024     1:00 -3:00

Artist: Janine Delgos

Location: Art Workshops Montville Studio

Address: 184 Main Street Montville QLD 4560



During these pottery, our expert ceramicist will guide you through the basic steps of wheel throwing or hand buliding , teaching you how To make wheel-thrown or hand crafted pieces. You'll have the chance to make your own unique mugs, bowls, and more, all while immersing yourself in the soothing and calming process of working with clay. Don't worry if you're a beginner, we have workshop designed to alleviate any fears And create a fun and relaxed environment For you To explore your creativity.

Please note
  • your work will be fired and ready for collection two weeks after your class.
  • Glazing is not included in certain workshops. If you would like to book a glazing session (two hours) To come back again or have your glazing completed for you and sent to you options are available.
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