Online Art Course: Acrylics


Art Workshops online Acrylics course shows you how to explore and become confident with colour and acrylic paint. By understanding the impact of colour, developing a composition sketch, through to exploring your skills and knowledge when constructing an acrylic painting, we will take you through a number of steps on a journey with acrylic paint and much more. Develop some acrylic techniques that are ways to enhance what you might already know or give you a fresh approach to your own style of painting.

Wash, Sticky Tape Transfer, Sponging and Cling Wrap are just some of the ways to develop techniques to begin introducing you to ways of working and gain a sense of confidence around decision making. Each technique will be applied to create a visual example to be documented in your Visual Journal. Learn how to develop themes and personal subjects and use these as starting points to create your own unique acrylic paintings.

Two videos included in the workshop are designed to expand your repertoire of how to manipulate and utilise materials and surfaces. You will be shown some creative and easy ways to take your techniques and skills further. From starting points you create you begin to open up the possibilities for your own artwork.

Course Content

Painting Techniques as Starting Points Video
From Starting Points to Beginning your Artwork Video
Use of colour (notes and definitions included)
Composition: tools and tricks of the trade.
Clear demonstrations of acrylic materials and their purpose.
Layouts in your Visual Journal to give you starting points
How to include text to engage and inspire an artwork.
Colour Wheel template
Rule of Thirds template

Course Preview, Materials and Cost

The material list for this workshop is recommended only! You can purchase them from your nearest local art supplier.

A4 Visual Journal

A4 Canvas Pad

Chromacryl Gesso 250 ml

Everzart Permanent Marker

Rains Watercolour Paper 5 shts

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml - White

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml - Cool Yellow

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml - Warm Ultra Blue

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml - Warm Red

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml - Green Light

Acrylics Chromacryl 75ml - Burnt Sienna

Mist Sprayer Pen

Eastart Brush Set Purp[le Range 5 short handled White Taklon Flat

East Art White Taklon Brushes Round Blue Range Set 6

Plastic Palette

Course Price:   $20

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